Mean: To get the mean add all the pieces of data and divide by the number of pieces of data.

Median: To get the median find the middle number of the pieces of data. If there are two middle numbers add them and divide by 2. That is your median.

Mode: The mode is the most common number. There can be more than one mode.
Find the mean, median and mode
8, 7, 9, 10, 10, 12, 14

Put the numbers in numerical order.

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Perfect Square Dfin. A perfect square is a number times itself that has no decimals. check mark symbol stands for the word square root
Examples of Perfect Square 4X4= 16

Is 15 a perfect square. why or why not?

Is 40 a perfect square. why or why not?

Square Root Dftn: A number of another number that you multiply by itself to get that number.
5 X 5 = 25

Check mark symbol stands for the word square root

Find the Square Root of:


without using a calculator
square roots video


what's the area of the border.

Is taking 15% off a given item then an additional 10% off the reduced price the same as taking 25% off the original price?
Why or why not?

To find the percentage of a number you divide the total amount by 100. Once you have that number times that number by the percent you want to find. So lets say we are trying to find 30% of 50. 50 divided by 100 equals 0.5, then we times 0.5 by 30 and we get 15. 15 = 30% of 50.

Here is a picture of Mr. Tall and Mr. Short.
external image 400px-MrShortMrTall.JPG
Mr. Short is six paper clips in height. If he is measured in large buttons he is four large buttons in height.
Mr. Tall is similar to Mr. Short but is six large buttons in height.
Predict the height of Mr. Tall if you could measure him in paper clips. Explain your response.

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