Mean: The sum of the numbers in a set of data divided the numbers of pieces of data is the mean(average)

Median: The median is the middle of a set of data that is arranged in numerical order so that when there are 2 middle numbers the median is their mean.

Mode: The mode is the most common number in a set of data.
- You can have more that 1 mode
- You can have no modes


1) - Create a set of data that meets these following conditions:
- There are 8 pieces of data
- The range is 15
- The mean is greater than the median (Info at the top)


Square Roots

2) - Find the square root of 38?


3) - Dave interviewed a number of students in his class regarding their favorite ice cream. Dave claimed that exactly 40% of the 37 students interviewed like vanilla the best. Is it possible to determine whether David's claim is correct? Why or Why not?

2 Ratios

4) - Convert the following value into a percent, a fraction, and a decimal?- 3:7

Student Question

5) - Michael's test scores are given below. CAN Michael do well enough on the next test to rise his average to an 80? Explain your answer reasoning. (Each of his test are worth 100 points).