1) Mean, Median, Mode
Mean - The mean is when you add up all the numbers and then you devide the number that you got by how many numbers there are in the set.
Median - The median is the middle number. If there are 2 numbers in the middle, you add the two numbers in the middle and devide it by 2 to find the median.
Mode - The mode is when there is a number that shows up the most
Example : 2,3,6,6,11,12,16 << 6 is the mode because it is the number that shows up the most.

Question 1) What is the median, mean, and, mode for these set of numbers? (arrange from smallest to biggest.)
Mode :
Median :
Mean :

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2) Square Roots
Square Root : A number multiplied by itself.
example : 2 x 2 = 4
Perfect Square : A square that has the same number on each side.

Question 2) What is the square root of 27? Find this answer without using a calculator. You can also use a perfect square chart.

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3) Percents
Percent : A percent is a fraction out of 100.
Question 3) Is taking 15% off a given item and then an additional 10% off the reduced price the same as taking 25% off the original price? Why or why not?

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Question 2) If you buy 4 pencils for $2.00, how much can you buy with $6.00?

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Question 3) What is the missing measure? Use a ratio table or an x | k | y chart.


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