Mean Median Mode

Mean is the sum of the numbers in a set of data divided by the number of pieces of data (average).
Median is the middle number of the set of data.
Mode is the most common number. There can be one or more mode.

*Do this in numerical order!

1). 5, 4, 11, 5, 9, 8, 2


Square Root

Square Root is when a number multiplied by itself.
Perfect Square is a number without decimal (a whole number).

2). What is the square root of 81, 50, and 75?



Percent is a fraction or ratio in which the denominator is 100.

3). Is taking 15% off a given item then an additional 10% off the reduced price the same as taking 25% off the original price? Why or why not?

4). In a store, you can buy 4 clothes for $24.00. If you need to buy 9 clothes, how much will they cost?

5). You went somewhere to buy oranges. There, you saw 4 oranges for $20.00. But your family told you to buy 20 oranges. How much money will you need in order to buy 20 oranges?