Mean - to calculate the mean you have to put the numbers in numerical order (smallest to largest). Then add all the numbers together and divide the answer by the amount of numbers you had to add by.
A) 5+7+9+12+14 = 47
47 divided by 5 = 9.4

Median - to calculate the median you have to put the numbers in numerical order (smallest to largest). Then find the middle number. Once you fount it, that number is the median. But if you have 2 median numbers in the middle you have to add them, then divide the answer by two. Whatever the answer is that's the median.
A) 5 7 9 12 14
B) 5 7 9 10 12 14 9+10 = 9.5 is the median

Mode - to calculate the mode you have to put the numbers in numerical order (smallest to largest). Then look for the number that shows up the most. You can have more than one mode, and if no numbers repeat then there isn't a mode.
A) 5 7 9 12 12 14 12 is the mode
B) 5 7 7 9 12 14 14 7 and 14 are the modes
C) 5 7 9 12 14 there is no modes

1) Here are a set of numbers you can use to try and solve the Mean, Median, and Mode remember to put them in numerical order
5 17 20 10 15 19 15 16

Mean -5+10+15+15+16+17+19+20=117/8=16.1

Median -5 10 15 15 16 17 19 20 =31

Mode -5 10 15 15 16 17 19 20 =15


Perfect Square - 2 numbers times itself

Square Root - a number that can be multiplied the easiest by the same two numbers

1) Now that you've looked at the perfect square chart and know what a square root is, what's the square root to 27?


Percent - a percent is a number out of 100. 50% is half of 100.

Here is a question for you to solve:
1) Is taking 10% off a given item and then an additional 40% off the reduced price the same as taking 50% off the original price? Why or why not?


To solve proportion questions you can use many different methods. The three that you can use in these questions are: Part over Total, Ratio Table (chart), or the X K Y chart

A) To use the Part over Total method all you have to do is put the part of the question on the top and the part you are trying to solve or the total on the bottom. Then solve it by multiplying or dividing a number and repeating the same number on the top and bottom
B) To use a Ratio Table method make a t-chart and put on the right side as the part and the left as the total. Then put all the parts of the question on the part and the part you are trying to solve or the total under the total. Multiply the parts by the same number and multiply the totals by the same number the parts multiplied by
C) To use the X K Y method make a chart with x in one column and k in the next and y in the last. Compare the numerator with the other numerator. In the k section put how much you multiplied to get the other numerator. Then, depending on which
number is missing, multiply or divide that number by the k
Now here are some questions for you to solve using these methods:
The first and last questions have the same almost the same method

1) A child ran 5 blocks in 2 minutes. How long does it take the child to run 8 blocks, at the same speed.

2)Jacob has a record of winning 2 matches for every 4 loses. If he had 49 matches during the last year, how many did he win?

3) What would the length of the actual building be if the measurement in the scale drawing is 3 inches and the scale is 1/4 inch equals 1 foot?